Mama T Greenville SC

About Mama T

A holistic coach, birthing doula, and herbalist, she has nurtured people since childhood, earning her the title Grandma as a little girl. Tre'La Bishop has taken her childhood nickname and re-imagined it as Mama T. She specializes in herbal tinctures and teas for treating a wide range of ailments that can benefit the entire family, regardless of age. Herbalist Mama T is a first-generation black-owned business in Greenville, South Carolina. Believing that health and wellness come from the mind, body, and spirit, not just a physical imbalance, she tailors her blends to each client's needs. Her goal is to help her clients take back control of their health by letting them know the doctor does not have the final say over their bodies. Let's get you started on your wellness journey! Book your appointment today!

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