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Spiritual Tools

Spiritual Tools


All the tools you need for smudging. Which is practiced in many cultures, but known mostly in Native American to promote healing & increase overall wellness.


Dragon Bloods: to remove negative energy which can also demolish built up bacteria and releasing feel good chemicals to the brain. You may use Dragon's blood to strengthen the power of your manifestation.

Sage: Reset the entire energy of self and the things around you. Know to restore balance, spiritual purification and protection.

Sage & Sweet Grass: looking for a reset but want to keep the positivity in the space or body. Sweetgrass is known for attracting good angels. Therefore not only do you get the reset but you get the energy vibrations raised. 

Cedar: The medicine of protection. Said to bring powerful spirits to change the vibration. best used when lacking positive energy, needing motivation, removing other peoples energy off of you or your spaces. Use this after arguments etc.

Palo Santo:Said to clear the negative energy while bringing upon feelings of peace and tranquility. Commonly used in place of sage to simply remove the negative but not reseting the whole vibration. 

Palo Santo
Dragon Blood
Sweet grass & sage
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