Doula Packages

Virtual Doula Support Package:

This is the " we can handle it alone " option but we do need a tiny push.

  • 1 get to know one another visit
  • 2 virtual prenatal visits
  • comfort measure examples
  • birthing plan
  • labor support by text/ phone call/ FaceTime


Just because Mama T is wholistic doesn't mean she doesn't support the mom when they want a planned C-section. YUP YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT LOOK BELOW AT THE PACKAGE DEAL FOR MOTHERS WHO PREFER C-SECTION :)

Planned Cesarean Section Support (Mission Hospital or St. Francis Hospital only)

  • 3 prenatal visits which will include a "get to know one another" visit
  • unlimited phone/text/ email support.
  • On call starting at 36 weeks 
  • Support before and through babies birth and up to 5 hours of immediate postpartum.
  •  1 in home visit within the first 10 days of being home with LO. 

Investment: $775

“Tranquility Package

  • 2 Prenatal Visits
  • Birth Plan Assistance
  • Preparation in effectively communication with care provider
  • Assist you and your partner with relaxation and coping techniques for birthing.
  • One postpartum follow up visit which includes feeding/newborn support
  • Unlimited labor and Birth support
  • On call starting 38-42 Weeks

Investment: $775

“Serenity” Package

  • Birth Planning Session
  • Comfort Measures Session
  • Prenatal Nutrition Session
  • Support during labor birth and postpartum
  • On call at 38 weeks
  • Magnesium butter
  • Postpartum Self Care Kit
  • Vaginal Steam
  • Gift for baby
  • Placenta Print Framed



“Bliss” Package

  • Prenatal nutrition session
  • Birth Planning Session
  • Comfort Measure Session
  • Labor, Birth & immediately after postpartum support
  • 2 postpartum follow-up visits
  • Gift for baby
  • Postpartum self-care kit
  • Vaginal steam session including extra herbs for continual steaming
  • Gentle womb massage
  • Natural baby formula tutorial with ingredients 

 Investment: $1300

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